• What does Torah mean?
    • Why did God give the Torah?
    • What is the Torah reading cycle? 

    The word Torah is taken from the root Hebrew word “yarah” meaning “to shoot an arrow” or “to hit the mark.”  Properly used, the word “torah” refers to, “[the] teachings.”  In a broad sense, Torah is the revelation of HaShem to His people.  Within this framework, and depending on the context, the term “Torah” can mean: (1) The five books of Moshe; (2) that, plus the Prophets and the Writings; (3) that, plus the Oral Torah, which includes the Talmud and later legal writings; (4) that, plus all religious teaching from the rabbis, including ethical and “aggadic” materials; or (5) all of the above as understood and interpreted in light of what Yeshua the Messiah and the rest of the New Covenant Scriptures have said about it.  For the most part, we will be using definitions number (1), (2), and (5).

    It is crucial for us to understand theologically, that the primary purpose in HaShem's giving of the Torah, as a way of making someone forensically righteous, only achieves its goal when... ( Read the answer, opens at TetzeTorah.com )

    Watch this space for details about upcoming new commentaries to the Weekly Torah portions that are currently being worked on!

    "For out of Zion Torah shall go forth!"