Zambia Messianic Fellowship (ZMF)

The Zambia Messianic Fellowship (ZMF) is the oldest grouping of Messianic Jewish Congregations in Zambia. They are a Yeshua (Jesus) centered and Torah observant organization made up of Jews and Gentile believers in Messiah Yeshua. Alex Yalenga is the congregational leader and founder of the Zambia Messianic Fellowship. Alex & and his wife Fay also oversee several other young Messianic Congregations dotted all over Zambia. Fay is the founder and in charge of the orphanage day school (160+ Children) in western Lusaka and live-in orphanage in eastern Lusaka both named after the late messianic Jewish Rabbi Jerome Fleischer.

Makor Hatikvah

Currently the only Messianic Day School in Jerusalem, Makor Hitikvah offers exceptional academic education together with biblical instruction and godly character development to students from elementary to middle school age. Makor HaTikvah, “The Source of Hope” in the heart of God’s beloved city, is a unique school thats mission is to provide an alternative educational choice for the children of believing Israelis in the Jerusalem area.