Sanctuary Beautification

The Sanctuary Beautification Team is a united group of people dedicated to keeping the church clean, orderly, and beautified. On any given Shabbat there are 2-3 people working together to accomplish our tasks. Our goal is to develop the servants hearts of each member on the Sanctuary Beautification Team and for the congregation in general. This common goal of serving the community is this specific capacity creates an ideal environment for community growth and a sense of value in our place of worship. The Sanctuary Beautification Teams welcomes all those who have a desire to serve the community and grow in their hearts of service.

Set Up

The set up team involves a team of people responsible for the setting the stage for service and organizing materials in the foyer. The goal of the set up team is to have the sanctuary and foyer set up for the day's services and events. Skills needed to serve on the set up team include willingness to work with others, great attitudes, timeliness, and efficiency. The set up team gladly embraces all those who would like to serve in this ministry.


The breakdown team is comprised of a group of committed, responsible volunteers whose ministry involves breaking down the stage, foyer, and communion area.  The work is moderately physical as tables need to be broken down and brought to storage each week, as well as the lifting of bins. Because of this, a once a month rotation is an ideal schedule for each volunteer. The goal is that this not be a transit volunteer position because of the lengthy process that it takes to train each volunteer to properly pack each box and where to store each item.  I pray that God sends me more hands to work in this area as they are needed!


Below is a another ministry belonging to Shabbat Service Support. If you would like to join this ministry please contact the director of the department Bill Wildhaber.