Born to Carlos Frank Martinez and Susan Doloras Kennedy, and shortly thereafter given up for adoption via Catholic Charities to Mike and Corinne McLellan; Mark was raised in a profoundly devout Catholic home and community.  He attended twelve years of parochial schooling and religious training. In spite of a loving, moral and ethical, religious upbringing, like most he turned to the world to pursue what it offered.  He experienced the emptiness, and the guilt and shame of self-absorption. He discovered that self-indulgence and independence from God always and only leads to pain and misery. By the age of eighteen, Mark had a personal encounter with Yeshua, which would change his life forever.  He responded to the sovereignty and grace of Yeshua and as a result was born again.  After being baptized in His name, Mark embraced the Jewish roots of his faith and began His journey back to Torah as the framework for how he would live out his new found faith. His life verse is Isaiah 41:10-16 which contains the words:

"I will make of you a threshing board, a new thresher, with many spikes; you shall thresh mountains to dust, and make hills like chaff. You shall winnow them and the wind shall carry them off; the whirlwind shall scatter them. But you shall rejoice in HaShem, and glory in the Holy One of Israel."

He is the son of a blue collar worker and spent 20 years as a blue collar worker himself before he answered the call to go and prophesy. Currently, Mark McLellan resides in Denver, Colorado and has been married to Dawn, the wife of his youth, since August 10th of 1980.  He has two wonderful daughters.  He has served as Senior Pastor of The Harvest since 1994.  He has a desire to be a part of raising up and sending out Messianic Torah Teachers to the nations which in turn will help plant and strengthen Messianic congregations.  He has a prophetic call to confront the spirit of torahlessness within Christianity today and to encourage and assist believers in Yeshua to return to the Torah of Moses as the foundations of their faith. He is zealous over the glory of Yeshua and His Kingdom and finds great joy in serving Him to this day.