Our primary mission is to foster a spirit of unity within our Harvest Community. Furthermore, by engaging in diverse and enjoyable activities, both inside and outside the four walls of the church, we hope to provide a safe environment for individuals to develop deep personal bonds and friendships with believers and non-believers alike. It is also our hope that Jesus will use these groups and relationships to draw others into the Kingdom as they come to see Him in the way we live, the choices we make, and most importantly…the way we love.


Our Book Club is designed to foster deeper relationships by sharing thoughts and ideas surrounding            the books we are reading together. 

The goal of our Camping Group is to build strong relationships while exploring new places and having adventures in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

They say food is the universal language and we agree!  We are blessed to have a very diverse community and we love to share our cultures and favorite recipes with each other! 

This group explores trails around the Front Range and meets at least once a month.

The Harvest Community is blessed with many people who are very gifted musically and they get together    as often as possible to share those gifts. 

This group demonstrates the love of Jesus through simple acts of kindness in a variety of ways.  From making delicious nutritious food and taking it to the homeless or offering our services to a person in need within our community or the city, this group is service oriented and actively aspires to be the hands and feet of our heavenly Father. 

Our Women's Group actually functions as two groups we like to call Team I and Team II.  Team I meets on the first Sunday of every month for a time of fellowship breakfast, while Team II meets at Minister Dawn's home every other Wednesday for a time of fellowship and a teaching.  Both will inspire and uplift your spirit and our community.