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Passover Seders

We encourage you to invite your friends and families to celebrate the Lord's Passover in your homes.  Pesach (or Passover) is a great time of remembrance for God’s people, as it commemorates the Jewish Exodus from Egypt thousands of years ago and our own exodus from the “Egypt of sin and shame” through Yeshua’s atoning sacrifice. These two themes, Yeshua’s sacrifice and the Exodus, are central to how we celebrate Pesach here at the Harvest.  We recall Paul’s words that everyone who sins is a slave to sin (John 8:34); so the retelling of the Passover story every year reminds us what an astounding price was paid for our own rescue from slavery to the bondage of sin. Yeshua is the Pesach Lamb. The focus of Pesach is not the resurrection of Yeshua but His death, as He has commanded us to partake of matzo and wine during the Passover Seder in remembrance of Him. Pesach also begins the Feast of Unleavened Bread, which lasts for seven days. During this time, everyone in the community is encouraged to rid their houses of anything containing yeast or leaven. This ceremonial cleansing reminds us that we need to cleanse our hearts of leaven, which is symbolically referred to in the Bible as sin. Only unleavened bread (matzo) may be eaten during these seven days. As a community, we celebrate Pesach in homes by sharing a Passover Seder together. It is a time of fellowship and getting to know one another in a more intimate way as we each can recall our own personal walk with Yeshua.

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