Have You Ever Felt Like You Were Enslaved?
Sometimes we find ourselves in unhealthy places. When we try to leave, we discover we can’t. Like the song “Hotel California” the nightmare of a being held against your will is frightening. Consider some words from “Hotel California” by the Eagles:

Last thing I remember, I was
 Running for the door
 I had to find the passage back
 To the place I was before
 "Relax, " said the night man,
 "We are programmed to receive.
 You can check-out any time you like,
 But you can never leave! "

This is one of the most popular songs of the last century. Why? It’s so true to human experience. We get ourselves tangled up in things or relationships, which lack integrity and are dysfunctional, sinful, and/or abusive. We assume we can walk away at anytime and leave it behind. The shock is when we try to leave, we discover we cannot.

Truth Is The Great Liberator
Yeshua said, you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free! I can tell you, millions have found deliverance and freedom in Messiah.  It’s not easy. It takes a humble and diligent faith, a faith that arises out of a personal relationship with Him and consistent daily time in His Word. In order to “know the truth” one needs to acquaint himself/herself with the truth. Sin will lead you into a Hotel California, where “you can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave!”

Yeshua Is The Embodiment of Truth
The only way out of a Hotel California is Yeshua, the great deliverer! And truth is the only reality, which can secure your liberty. Sin, addiction, guilt, and shame cannot hold the one who embraces the truth by faithful perseverance. No, the one, who lays hold of the truth and ignites it by faith, will find his/her empowering freedom as they slay their “night man” and walk straight out of the Hotel California doors!

Set Your Sights On Freedom
Don’t give up in your struggle with addictions and sin bondages. Have faith in God! Your liberty is right around the corner. Millions in every generation a have been set free – why not you? You are a child of God! Your time is now! Join a faith community who loves Yeshua, His Word, and each other. This is the first step in breaking your chains and overcoming your demons. You are not alone – your faith community is waiting for you. Pray and ask your Father in Heaven where to unite with one and then join by faith.