Year after year, decade after decade, I listen to the mantra of religious leaders justifying the idolatry of their parents, grandparents, and ancestors. I am most astonished by many so called Messianic Teachers who tirelessly work to white wash the pagan syncretism of holidays like Easter.  It is an absolute, and tragic display of ignorance at best, and or a betrayal of the Spirit of Truth at worst.  The word that comes to me is truthophobe.  They are frightened with the truth concerning pagan syncretism

 Passover Week

As I sit here on the morning of First Fruits, filled with the peace and joy of being justified by faith in the blood of Yeshua, the Passover Lamb of God, delivered from the Kingdom of Darkness, and accepted by God in the resurrection and ascension of Yeshua (Read the Exodus, Lev. 23, John 19-20), I find that I am disturbed that so many of my fellow leaders in Messiah are either busy easing the conscience of Christians who are up facing the east worshipping as the sun rises today, or worse, joining them and speaking at their sunrise services!  I understand that the average Christian is in the dark concerning the defiling syncretism of Easter.  Many do not study the Word of God, but simply gobble up the spiritual traditions of their parents, and religious leaders. But, the religious leaders are with out excuse!  They know better!  They are in a place not only of privilege but of responsibility!

Messengers of Truth or Vendors of Paganism

“It’s the job of priests to teach the truth. People are supposed to look to them for guidance. The priest is the messenger of God-of-the-Angel-Armies." Priests, Rabbis, Pastors, and Seminary Professors should be the guardians of truth.  They are commissioned by God to instruct God's people in His ways.  This is a high calling and office.  This office demands integrity and faithfulness.  If it becomes corrupt, there is little hope for the people of God to find truth and blessing for their lives. The prophet goes on to declare, "But you priests have abandoned the way of priests. Your teaching has messed up many lives. You have corrupted the covenant of priest Levi. God-of-the-Angel-Armies says so. And so I am showing you up for who you are. Everyone will be disgusted with you and avoid you because you don’t live the way I told you to live, and you don’t teach my revelation truly and impartially.”

The Ongoing Exodus

The coming out of the Kingdom of Darkness and into the Kingdom of Light is continuing in every generation.  The Father is not seeking just any worshippers but only true worshippers.  I tell you the truth,   "Your worship must engage your spirit in the pursuit of truth. That’s the kind of people the Father is out looking for..." Truth, not just spirit, is the foundation of the worship that God accepts and even passionately seeks for.  Any one can be a worshipper of God, buttrue worshipper is an endangered species today thanks to a priesthood that has become truthophobic.

A Word for My Fellow Messianic Rabbis and Messianic Pastors

Don't you think It is time for truth to have its rightful place in our (Jewish and Gentile Believers in Messiah) worship times, settings, and traditions? I fear that we have become like the generation in the times of King Hoshea They loved the Lord and also the idols of their ancestors! Tell me, are you shocked and saddened by this? If so, what will you do about it? Will you teach your people what it means to worship in spirit and in truth?  Will you expose the filth and defilement of the pagan syncretism found in Easter?  If not, I suggest you retire. At least then you will have ample time to paint your eggs and hide them for your children. And when you worship facing the east at the rising of the sun, be sure to close your ears to the voice of the prophets so as to enjoy the idolatry of your ancestors. For those courageous leaders who will stand up for and teach the truths concerning true worship - Happy Passover Week!  Lead on and be strong!  You are not alone!